About Me


Born and raised in Edmonton, AB, I completed my initial post-secondary studies at the University of Alberta before moving to London, where I completed my PhD in Research Psychology at University College London. The last stage in my educational journey brought me to Montreal, to complete my clinical training at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). I currently reside in Victoria, BC, where I work in private practice. I combine my psychotherapy work with research, teaching, and supervising mental health professionals. Additionally, I am the Clinical Director of Homewood Ravensview, in North Saanich, BC. Formerly, I was the Manager of Clinical Operations for the Sex and Couple Therapy Service at the MUHC. In my personal life, I am an avid cyclist and “bicycle tinkerer.” I am a great fan of cooking; and a passionate proponent of quality time with loved ones! Read my complete biography

Training and Education

PhD, Research Psychology, University College London.MA, Counselling Psychology, McGill University.My specialization training is in mood/anxiety disorders, behavioural addictions (including internet and multimedia addictions), and sexuality and couple relationships. I have completed clinical training at world-class psychology centres in Canada and the United Kingdom. Read more about my training

Professional philosophy

My professional philosophy puts client care, and the client’s feeling of emotional security, first. I pride myself on the fact that, after our first or second meeting, many of my clients say, “I don’t know why I was worried, I feel like I could tell you anything!” One of my main values is to be kind and authentic with my clients. The foundations of this value system are: a non-judgmental approach that respects the client’s personal autonomy, and unconditional positive regard and empathy for my clients. The other basis of my clinical philosophy is the importance of skills-development, and in my work I help clients develop skills and tools that they can use in real life. Read more about my professional philosophy

Commitment to Diversity and Social Justice

One of my most cherished core values is: respect for human diversity, and the fundamental importance of human dignity. This value is at the heart of my career, and I welcome people from all backgrounds into my clinical practice. I take great pride in serving a diverse group of clients, including folks from the LGBTQ+ community, people of colour, and individuals from a wide variety of social, cultural and religious groups. In my work, I am committed to:welcoming individuals from all backgrounds,maintaining a safe space, and cultivating an atmosphere of egalitarian respect for the dignity of all persons. This includes a commitment to serving people from all socio-economic groups, and is supported by my fair service policy.