Services Provided

Michael provides psychological services to adults, and adolescents (14 years of age and older). Michael specializes in several areas of clinical psychology, including the treatment of: 

  • mood problems, including erratic/unstable mood, and low or depressed mood
  • anxiety, including general anxiety, social anxiety, work-related anxiety, and specific phobias 
  • interpersonal issues and relationship problems
  • conflict resolution and communication 
  • assertiveness
  • separation or divorce
  • sexual difficulties
  • stress, burnout, and challenging life transitions. 

For many clients, life’s problems overlap, and a good clinical psychologist can help you gain control over your emotions, and develop effective strategies to manage the challenges in your life.  

To help his clients, Michael offers:

  • individual (one-on-one) psychotherapy
  • couple counselling
  • sex therapy (i.e. psychotherapy for a variety of sexual issues, including sexual dysfunction, interpersonal challenges, and sexual identity)
  • group counselling and psychotherapy programs, and
  • consultation and supervision for mental health professionals.


In the first few sessions your psychologist will conduct an “assessment”. Although this sounds somewhat formal, this process is basically just a series of friendly conversations. The aims of the assessment are:

  1. for your psychologist to get to know you,
  2. to clarify your specific goals (i.e. what you hope to get out of psychotherapy)
  3. to develop a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals.

During the assessment sessions you may be asked to fill out some brief forms, which are intended to help your psychologist develop your treatment plan.

Another goal in the first few sessions is to develop a “therapeutic alliance” between you and your psychologist. This alliance is a bond of empathy and trust, in which you can talk about things make you feel vulnerable. Once this alliance is established, the main part of the work can begin!

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In addition to psychotherapy for adults and adolescents, Michael offers a number of clinical supervision and consultation services to mental health professionals.  These services are particularly of interest to psychologists, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals who want to develop expertise in couple relationships and sexual problems (both individual and interpersonal). Services in this area can include:

  • regular supervision
  • occasional clinical consultation
  • one-off trainings on how to deal with sexuality and sexual topics in counselling and psychotherapy work